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If you’ve ever wanted an eco-friendly  alternative that is also cost-effective AND safe from natural disasters, you CAN have it all, with Quad-Lock – the path to making YOUR dream a reality, no matter what you’re building!

Quad-Lock is a well established and superior building product, produced and used successfully for decades. Quadlock is introducing to Central America the most  advanced system for creating solid concrete walls and floors – it is highly-efficient, non-combustible and totally green. In addition, it’s the only ICF company approved by the International Standards Organization for ensuring the highest quality standards.

For property or home owners, this translates to a building that is cost effective, clean, healthy, and most importantly, safe.

Solid wall construction means a quieter home or office with cleaner air, and the absence of mold and mildew.

And if you’re a builder, Quad-Lock provides you with a simple and accurate system that allows you to build more projects your customers LOVE, stronger, faster, and easier. In short, this means more profit for you and lower costs for your clients. Check out this link for details

According to the NAHB Research Center, the use of ICF’s for single- family home building has increased 750% between 2002-2010, as more and more people make the smart choice to build with Quad-lock.  Interested in learning more? Download our complimentary -Building with ICF’s Free Report  now.

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